Friday, September 04, 2009

Froth and other fancies

I received an email this morning to say that the Questions of Balance interview that was broadcast last Saturday morning has just been made available as a podcast - here's a link to the Plains FM website, and this one will take you directly to the interview (with Canterbury writer, Helen Lowe.). 

I'm still in the Sounds - what a heavenly time this has been. I will be reluctant to leave when the time comes... such terrific people, and being so close to water for these unhurried days has been deeply replenishing. I've found myself coming face-to-face with a few tricky thoughts, wonderings, realizations and imaginings during this time - some to do with the old, some with the new. And I've been struck (initially 'down') by the crazy back-to-backness that's characterized my life in recent times. Mind you, it's not just 'recent times' - this has been the pattern for a fairly prolonged time, despite my aspirations to shape things differently. 

Being here has reinforced what I've always held true but have found challenging to implement. A healthy life is underpinned by rhythms not routines, by mindfulness not busyness. By space, not clutter. And, of course there's lots more to say on this subject, but for now, I'll keep it plain. 

Here are some of the pics I've taken on my walks around the Kenepuru Sound coastline... there have been times when nature has had me laughing out loud. Such ebullience. Such in-your-face-humour and sauciness (a word my marvelous maternal grandmother Gladys would use)...
(don't you love the way this word sounds as it tastes? I'm thinking here of the froth on the head of a good guinness)  

The collaborative artistry of water, wood and huhu grubs (they can't help themselves, can they?)

A solitary jelly-fish appreciates the local rock art. 

Is it just me, or are these young pines giving the sky the finger (Pardon?!)?

Ponga cellos hide their bellies but expose their elegant necks high above the forest canopy - what sounds they make when played by hail, wind, rain...

A pair of metal birds converse on the pier whilst waiting for a sign it's okay to take off.  


  1. Hi Claire -- You know, all your fans, we love it when you share such beautiful reflections with us. Especially love the impromptu poem about the cellos.

    Onomatopoeia: like froth, and Guinness, it's good for you. And yes, those trees do appear to be giving the sky gods the one-finger salute. Cheeky little gymnosperms, them.

    Enjoy! And safe home.

  2. Love. Love. Love the pictures ... the words ... all pure Claire! I can hear your voice Claire. This is my fav line ... 'A healthy life is underpinned by rhythms not routines, by mindfulness not busyness.' Rich times for you. Enjoy them with all their downs and ups - each has a purpose and wouldn't exist without the other.

  3. LOvely writing. Really enjoyed my visit!