Sunday, September 06, 2009

Still time

It is with gratitude (and, yes, a little reluctance) that I leave Kenepuru Sound and begin the journey home...


See what happens when water and air lie perfectly still, the one beside the other. It's as if in those rare moments of surrender and repose, some greater spirit is free to rise up between them - even when they find themselves unexpectedly tipped onto their heads... 


  1. Hi Claaaaaaar
    So glad I read this this morning.
    Am about to go to Cape Point for the day for quiet solitude at last. The whales and spring flowers have had to wait till now. My show went up yesterday and am now ready to breathe the outside again. Downloading the inside over this time was furiously intense - but as you and I know, the extreme pressure gives permission to wall out the clamor and brings its own translucent gems. Will catch up soon with some greath pictures of the show. The Art House page of yours looks wonderful. Will go further back in your blog when I have dealt with my internal and external urgencies. xxxx K

  2. Thanks, Claire, for breath-taking pics. The Atlantic has shown me only its scuffed hem thus far: dead fish, plastic bags, scavenger birds, but plenty of force in the waves (brown) this wet, blustery day. xx P

  3. K & P - 'The sea is the land's edge also...' wrote Seamus Heaney. It's a thought I love - always good to know that during times when we stand apart or keep the company of different coastlines (Cape Point, Pinamar, St. Kilda) we're nevertheless dipping our toes into one great ocean. xx