Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Something I didn't know about cabbage trees

They not only can, but do, draw their own snow angels - ?!

And there's something else to get excited about this morning. The neighbourhood birds have finally discovered the bird feeder - I'm not sure why it's taken them as long as it has, but no matter; there's a crowd of them out there this morning - wax-eyes, tuis, finches and a bellbird - all fluffed-up together around a big bowl of warm sugar water and a scatter-platter of seeds, breadcrumbs and grated granny-smith apples. 

A day that offers up snow, expressive cabbage trees and a flurry of happily-feeding birds is most definitely one to dance about in. 


  1. I love your snow angel. We have had a glorious time throwing snowballs at each other and building snow men. You have to love living in Dunedin on days like this!

  2. Yes, it did snow at your house! Lucky birds at the warm syrup. I watched a kereru plummet across the grey, breast out, head back, and (I'm almost certain) eyes closed against the falling snow.

  3. Wonderful stuff! We are revelling also in the flurry and beauty PLUS (best of all possible outcomes) a day off! :)

  4. Dunedin is definitely the place to be, Vanda - in all weathers!

    It snowed here, too, Pen, yes! Your image of the kereru - eyes closed and plummeting across the grey - is a beauty, and so wants to become a haiku (won't you,please?).

    Kay, I'm soooo glad you got the day off today - wonderful stuff indeed; maybe even a miracle?! L , C x

  5. It was fantastic snow wasn't it? I managed to get two days off!

    I'm glad to hear the birds find the feeder eventually! I am still waiting for them to find the one I put out the other day.

    I thought they would like to have some food because of the snow, but they are very suspicious...

  6. Hi PC - the birds here were pretty suspicious at first, too; it was the sugar water that finally drew them in. Seems they can't resist - maybe you could try it? Good luck!