Saturday, May 09, 2009

For fun - a conundrum

A figure in a feijoa . . .


. . . feijoa in a figure. . . 


  1. Well you certainly have a knack (or as humans would say, a gnack ? ;) for choosing contemplative imagery Claire!

    As you observed in your recent comment ... "when it comes down to it, so much of life's reality and potency resides in the spaces (or forces) between what's overt"And here is a figure defined in precisely that way - by the context in which it abides. For without the feijoa, it would not be manifest. And yet, the figure itself is an 'absence of feijoa'.

    Similarly, for daleks the mandala-mind is a bubble of void that navigates through - and is defined by - a 'context' of environment [objective] & circumstances [subjective]. But the mandala is not 'of' the context, only within it.

    As they say - "the devil is in the details" and "god is in the gaps"! ...

    The latter concept is something that human scientists mostly fail to grasp, spending all their time as they do - trying to fill in the gaps!

    Silly silly scientists! ;)

  2. Yum, I'd love to be dancing in a feijoa. I miss living in a warm climate where feijoas grew on hedges!

  3. bluemoon, I agree in part with what you - and 'they' - say re; "the devil is in the details" and "god is in the the gaps." Depending on how one looks at it, though, cannot the opposite also be true?

    Most things we see (and those we don't) boil down (ouch) or distill into Mystery.

    The Sufis talk about ways in which our vices can become our gifts and our gifts, our vices, depending on the nature & timbre of our relationship to each.

    There is always plenty of food for thought - thanks for your clever insights into the feijoa metaphor.

  4. PC - what a scrumptious thought; dancing inside a feijoa... food for the imagination alright!

  5. Yes, as you say ... "Depending on how one looks at it, though, cannot the opposite also be true?".

    This of course arises from the circumstance well-documented by philosophers - that all acts of evaluation are by their nature subjective - so any individual evaluation can only be a single facet of the whole Truth - how one looks at 'it'.

    So, whilst I see my cat as a cute and friendly ball of fluff, a mouse sees it as the pyschotic killer that murdered it's entire family! So, which point-of-view is correct ...? Well, neither ... they are just facets of the whole Truth about my cat!

    The i-Magi-Nation will be delving more deeply into this stuff in due course, when I start documenting the facets of Brutalism and Idealism, in the dalek Diagnostics blog.

    Thank Q! Claire for your 'proof-reading' of the OBD blogs, and critiques such as your comments here are very valuable to me as I progress the dalek thesis.

    All The Best!

  6. Hi bluemoon - I've just left a couple of comments on your blog (on the Counterculture & Brutalism and Idealism entries). A brief response here in agreement with your suggestion that Truth is more multi-faceted and subjective than it is absolute.

    I, too, am appreciating this dialogue. C