Sunday, March 15, 2009

Three weeks - a precis in images


Site, Ego, Hard, Car

Collaborative journey

Spirit levels - (un)level spirits

Shadow lands

Vacuum. Current. Flow

 Intuition and reason

Cold steel, warm wood

Overlooked surfaces

level heads

Straw for the fire


  1. "Site Ego Hard Car" ... and as Monty Python would say ... lovely lovely SPAM!

    Not to mention that appropiately elusive "proto-dalek" emerging out of it's chrysalis towards the bottom-left corner. ;)

  2. I do so enjoy seeing the world through your eyes. I love the warm wood ... but they are all great. 'S(t)ill' is also wonderful!

  3. Hi obd - they're everywhere! Thanks for your last couple of messages - glad you enjoyed the US quasi-dalek character (said with all due respect). Your blog continues to fascinate and impress.I especially enjoyed 'Pretty on the inside.' C