Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Lemons the size of melons   |  Santa Eulalia des Riu, Ibiza, Baleriac Islands 2011


                               This has been a week for citrus 
                               zest and candles, yellow and green - 
                               I see a courtyard there
                               and a lemon tree whose unbound feet
                               turn stones to moss, a random toss
                               of earth incubating delphiniums 
                               for summer.  


This week's editor on the TP hub is Keith Westwater
with Planchette 
by fellow New Zealander James Norcliffe.

You won't want to miss this one (think rhythm, music and 'qwerty') -   

                               "at night the rats
                                are bigger than rats

                                they race back and forth
                                like typewriters. . . "

And speaking of typewriters, today I came across a California-based artist - Jeremy Mayer  - who creates intricate, anatomically-convincing and rather spectacular sculptures out of nothing but old typewriter parts. No glue, screws, nails or any fixings whatsoever aside from those integral to the typewriters. The article I read today introduced his newest work - swallows. Eerily beautiful mechanical birds. With their sharply-determined beaks, soft typewriter key eyes and articulated wings they are imbued with an air of expectancy and inquisitiveness as if poised - and designed - for flight. You can check out his birds here and more of his work on his website.

James's poem with its cast of rats prompts me to direct you to a rat of a different calibre. An unconventional, 'dance-to-your-own-tune' breed of rat. Ratty is PR 'person', office artiste and right-hand assistant to Penelope Todd of Rosa Mira Books. He is also the thoroughly lovable and eccentric partner to exotic Argentian fairy armadillo, Lily-the-Pink and father to three endearing ratadillos. Hop over to the Rosa Mira blog to meet them and to read a fine conversation between Penelope and Australia-based New Zealander Martin Edmond whose essay Winged Sandals is due out from RMB soon. 

It won't be long till Penelope posts an interview with Melissa Green in preparation for the release of Melissa's exceptionally delicate and powerful memoir, The Linen Way. Yay.

Ratty - PR for Rosa Mira Books (brought to life by writer, artist and e-publisher Penelope Todd)


  1. ...And here on the other side of the planet, 'tis the season for delphiniums. I'm reminded now to look for some on my walk to work tomorrow!

    And Jeremy Mayer — astounding!
    I see a sci-fi novel where cyborg humans are built from old typewriters and can only communicate by spitting out typewritten scrolls of language.


    1. Hi T - if you find some (delphs/delphiniums/the Oracle. . . ) on your walk tomorrow, please post a pic on your blog? I get nostalgic for them, esp. during our winters.).

      I think you should write to Jeremy Mayer and offer to help him put together a script for a movie or play.

      ; ). xo

    2. (If anyone could, you could!) x

  2. A perfect poem for midwinter, Claire!

    And thank you so much for supporting my 'Legend' bid.:)

    1. Hi Helen --- exciting news for you! I've just been looking for you on Facebook but couldn't find you. Do you post your news out there, I wonder? If not, may I suggest you do? It's a remarkable forum and a sure-fire way to link up and share writerly info., events and news. . . I thought I (and by extrapolation, others) might be able to invite people on FB to vote for 'Legend', too. ; )

  3. A perfect midwinter poem, Claire!