Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NEW WORK | In Dialogue - The Artist's Room, Dunedin (with Kate Alterio & Olav Nielsen)

I've been busy in the studio this past while - nothing entirely new about that - but here are a few pics of images that have taken shape. These are part of a show titled In Dialogue with work by Kate Alterio, Olav Nielsen and moi. The exhibition with be up for the coming two weeks or so.  If you live in Dunedin, or are visiting, please pop in for a look-see. . .  Thanks, C xo

Palindrome | Hum
Oil on paper

Love the Waters
Oil on paper

Balancing On Air Is No Easy Task
Oil on a book cover

The Stilled Thread of Flight
Oil & steel strings on canvas

Shadow and Shimmer
Oil, charcoal and thread on paper

The Sharp-Flat Cadences of Weather
Oil and thread on paper

Dream of the Sea
Oil and steel strings on canvas

Night Watch ii
Oil and Pastel on Paper


  1. Water music . . .

    Lovely, Claire

  2. Mim called it right -- this work sings!

  3. So that's where you've been.
    Beautiful work. Good luck with the exhibit.

  4. Sure will go and have a look - gorgeous works, I am liking the divisions.

  5. I wish I could see it! All the best.

  6. Hi its great and beautiful collection. You are creative and hope so plentiful image will grant in future. Nice and celestial...

  7. Absolutely lovely Claire - what a pity the exhib wasn't open when I was down there!

  8. God. Stunning as always, Claire. Gasp!