Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Poem - Setting The Record Straight

                             SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT 

The stations of the cross
should number seventeen
not two times seven; three extra
added onto the Resurrection scene
would lend courage to generations
of grieving mothers. 

The story should not end 
with Jesus coming back to Life 
from Death only to be taken 
again, stolen by angels 
right before his Mother’s eyes.

What of Mary 
after the Ascension?

Mary should be shown
pacing stone floors with rage
and longing, walking desert dunes
on bare, blistered feet, twisting
silk into countless useless knots,
embroidering her loss
into the spines of chairs.

Yes, Mary should be seen,
lying awake at night, wondering
about God and Gabriel,
not praying but waiting,
waiting for the simplicity
of sleep, for her wordless
sorrow to rise.


This week sees our Tuesday Poem community continuing the magical process of creating a collective birthday poem. Please click on the quill - you won't want to miss its unfolding. . .  

This is where I spent the closing hours of Easter Sunday - Es Vedras, Ibiza. . . . . .  



  1. what a beautiful place. It makes me feel peaceful.

  2. I've taken your poem very much to heart, not for my own actual loss but a near miss that haunts me still. I forget how much until I read such words. xo

  3. I feel the loving rage/the rage of love in this powerful poem, Claire. 'embroidering her loss into the spines of chairs' Terrific. Thank you. xx (Phew, the copy-the-text requirement is tricky — here's my third attempt.)

  4. Dear Claire, I'm so glad you wrote this poem. For all of Mary's centrality to the Catholic Church, her statues and grottoes are full of silence, she does not speak, she is not radiant, only sad, but it doesn't seem to be real grief, there are few tears, sometimes a sorrowful stare at the heavens and open hands, as if asking why--and what a full, broken, loving heart must roil in all that muteness. Lovely details, such fierceness--yes, where are the Stations belonging to the Virgin? xo

  5. I'm not big on resurrection poetry, or Easter poetry, but this knocks me out -- for it is neither in the traditional sense. It's a wonderful look at silence, strength and beauty in the face of death -- in the face of any Mother facing such death. Gorgeous images, and such strength here. The ending is particularly powerful. I will carry this one with me.

  6. Dear Claire - your posts always amaze me - they have such light and strength and energy - they are luminous! You, dear Claire, are amazing, and I feel privileged to share Tuesday Poem with you co-curator. Thank you for all you bring to it every week. Mary