Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Poem - from the image suite 'Love The Waters'

On the tide line
red kelp
the heart's small garden

(From a suite of small 'Oil on Paper Poems' I'm making for a group show that opens in Dunedin next Saturday.)

For more Tuesday Poems, please click on the quill. 

This week's guest editor is Australian poet Janet Jackson 
with Fortified by performance poet, David Vincent Smith


  1. I like the marriage of small paintings with miniature poems, themed to water

  2. Nice, I love the simplicity of the poem - and how it ties in so beautifully to the art. :)

  3. all best wishes for your show, claire. these are lovely; and as others have said, the brevity of your written language works so well with the (deceptively) simple visual, imagistic language.

  4. Your deceptively simple,yet profoundly meaningful poems and paintings continue to astound and inspire me.x

  5. Dear Claire, After much too long an absence, this will be just the quick check-in, the basket of love and good wishes. Something meatier will appear before too long. Blessings, xo.

    WV: mates

  6. Wish I could be there for your opening....

    This is all marvelous stuff. LOVE the paintings.