Saturday, January 01, 2011

Mudra - 2011

Hand dancer - Kate Alterio 
Music - 'Tale of A Whale' by Chris Tokalon 
Paper flotilla & filming - CB - Dunedin, December 2010

May the coming year hold moments of mystery, poise, luminosity and grace; oceans of wonder, inspiration and space; may each of us know solitude, companionship, a kind and steady pace. . . 


  1. What an intimate piece. The hands are trying desperately to hang on, to drift apart, to hang on again. What a beautiful piece of love, Claire.
    Happy New Year! It it still the old year where I am, but I have a feeling you've been ahead of the game no matter where you are ;-)
    I wish you kindness and peace and infinite creation this coming year.

  2. cleair, thank you for this lyrical offering. i am feeling as though i am moving in six different directions at once this morning, and the pace of the video actually took me outside my little rat's nest of a brain for a few minutes. that's a true gift!
    btw, i was so touched by your words on my blog about your own brother. thank you. the loss is like the tide, for and out, ebb and flow, a rhythm of its own, underlying everything, always.
    bisoux, my friend,

  3. see? cant even spell your name....
    xxoo, claire!

  4. An ethereal layer to what is already fully held by magic. I would not have known anything could be added to the installation; this is perfect.

    Wishing for you all the same gifts and grace for the new year. We do have much to look back upon and rejoice. xo

  5. So beautiful Claire, the hands and the music were able to fill and calm my jangled mind. Thank you. Best wishes for a happy 2011, kinder, more gentle, full of peace and love, and filled with more of your wonderful poetry, art and wise words. xx

  6. Mesmerically marvellous, Claire. I wonder how many films you were streaming across the boats at once . . . complex and simple. Thank you.

  7. Wow -- lovely! There are birds in those hands, and lovers, and the bend of tree branches in a gentle wind; and the paper boat is a moon, a cloud.

    Life is what we make it.

    Here's to more of what we desire, less of what we don't need.


  8. OOh my god Claire this is stunning and lovely and moving and as Rachel wrote intimate. Wow oh wow. Thank you for all your art and grace. Happy elevenses.

  9. Wonderful!

    I did have a little giggle, though, as when I went to see your installation at The Blue Oyster, I had four children with me. And you know kids, and projectors - I got to enjoy some full body shadow dancing against your mesmerising backdrop!

  10. You've given me quite a boost for the New Year. You're a great host of spirits and words.