Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sound Maps

If you would like to tune into World Listening Day's Aural Snapshot, click on the following link -

According to coordinator Udo Noll's latest update (an email received at 22.05PM, NZ time) 7391 sounds with a total length of 12 days, 07 hours, 28 minutes, 19 seconds had been recorded in 5906 places.

W O W ! (Spoken in a whisper)


  1. Thanks for alerting us to this, Claire. My poor overloaded lappie made such heavy weather of accessing the map of sounds (of silence?), I'm resorting to my own minimalist project ... listening harder (or softer, emptier, husheder).

  2. "I'm listening 'husheder'" - I like the sound of that, Pen.

    Uploading the track to the map was a bit of a challenge for me... it took three goes. The first time, I stuck a pin in a mountain near Cromwell and renamed it Ravensbourne. The second, I took occupation of a warehouse building in Industrial Dunedin, down near the wharf (and the ever-burgeoning stadium). The third time, I managed to place my pin on my front door step! My mishaps led to an interesting conversation with the organizer, though... how much of what we do is about sound, conversation, the pauses between words. More and more, I come to think there's more in spaces and gaps than in words.

    The image of your lappie making heavy weather of the map makes me smile - thank you! x

  3. I have to admit that I didn't upload and listen, but I marveled at the idea...
    all the endless ideas...the new joint cooperations...
    thank you

  4. Dear Melissa - it is ever so good to find word from you here. I've been hopeless out in the blogosphere lately, for which I'm sorry. I visit your pages regularly but have been more-or-less wordless for weeks... I do hope you are getting stronger by the day, by the hour. It can sometimes feel like a long journey, can't it? Take best care. Love, Claire