Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My exhibition Questions of Balance opens at The Arthouse in Christchurch on 26 August... I'm expanding my repertoire this time round, showing five wood, aluminium & glass sculptures alongside a sequence of paintings and drawings. This 3D work has only been made possible because of the terrific group of gifted people 'out there' in my home community. Without their patience, generosity, skills and support I would not have been able to actualize my vision. It's been (is still being) a powerful collaborative journey. I've learnt heaps and it's been a wee bit nail-biting at times, but my goodness, excellent people abound... sincere thanks, all.  

Two pics showing early stages of the 'level-&-bob' process, with more images to come over the coming days... 

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  1. Intriguing! The first seems to be tricking the eye, the next soothes it. Beautiful objects, beautifully conceived. Whtat an appetiser. (And neat timing, C, 4.44 ;))