Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who was this Mr Henry Wright?

I'll be posting a few quirky pics over the coming days... they're from the 'wall of history' in my living room. Said wall is exactly as I found it when I bought this old house seven or eight years ago (and as it would've been for who-knows-how-many decades before then.) Basically, it's home to a rather motley and entertaining collection of NZ electioneering posters and advertisements, ranging in date from 1860 to about two-thirds of the way through the last century.  

The poster below is my response to this weekend's entry on Penelope's blog.  

Does she not know there are certain rules and standards a woman is expected to uphold?!  (No hard feelings, R!) 

I'd love to see some excellent sabre-toothed woman come up with a similarly outrageous (and funny, let's face it) Declaration to Epicene Men

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