Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm posting this image for Jan in the UK. Jan recently pointed me in the direction of Wegener's Jigsaw by Clare Dudman (thank you, Jan) and while I don't yet have a copy of this intriguing, Greenland-based book in hand, something about it - together with the timbre and ethos of Easter - lead me to re-contemplate this painting.   

I hope your weekend's been warm in the middle and soft around the edges. 

Tracking I - Gesso, acrylic, ink & pencil on a plywood crate lid - 2006


  1. Stunning work Claire!
    I have Clare's book so you are welcome to borrow it from me anytime ... unless you want to procure your own copy that is. (I also have her book,'98 Reasons for Being.')

  2. A very effective application of a limited palette there Claire! Actually, the colouring would tie in rather well with my office decor, though as a staunch minimalist I have to resist the urge to elaborate my cave!

    The dalek image mind to Mind is superficially similar, though that is more about fog than mist!

    Still, the comparison highlights that when it comes to the more 'monochromatic' composition, computer graphics completely lack the nuances of a brush in the hands of a skilled artist!

  3. Hi Kay - oh yay, you have Clare's book?! I'd love to borrow it, yes, please. Actually, saying that, I realize I still have your Dinah Hawkins book. Sorry, it's been ages... I must/will return it to you soon. Are you going to the NZSA meeting on Monday? If you are, I could bring it along then.

    Bluemoon - I'm behind in my e- correspondence. I hope you won't mind me thanking you here for the link you sent to Vue 7. I've had a quick look-see, but it's a bit beyond me, I think! I really am a mark-maker/a 'wrestle-with-the-paper-and-don't-be-afraid-to-get-your-hands-grubby' person. Although I can (and do) fully appreciate the skill and imag-i-nation required to actualize images digitally.

    I continue to visit obd regularly btw. C

  4. Yes, I blogged about the cussed complexity of graphics software a week or so ago. It's a pretty steep learning curve to master any top-end product, and I reckon their complicated interfaces must surely thwart any 'spontaneity' in composition! I suppose that's why CG images tend to look a little 'sterile' sometimes.

    So I know what you mean about Vue 7 ... it's a bit like navigating via a projected image from a webcam - when you think you're going down and left, you're actually going up and right! Or something like that anyway!

    So in that respect, your 'hands-on' approach has much to commend it!

  5. obd/bluemoon - it's high time I left a comment on your site! Thanks for yours on mine.

  6. Hey, not to worry Claire!
    Look, I like talking to my Self ... honest! ;)

    (dalek Tip: The Guestbook at the top of the Home Page is darned handy for making little quips, for those times when visitors are once again at an utter loss for words over the latest dalek post! ;)