Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An ultimate of air

'For what we see is never purely seen,
Not final with its final radiance,
As if we were but animals a-gaze
In a gray field, and grayness all around,
A universe contained by walls of stone,
An ultimate of air, a final scene . . .
A sea-wind pausing in a summer tree,
A bird serene upon a nest of light . . .


And shall we leap the trees as light as birds?


I leap to the wind.


A stretching time, a crossing time,
Taller than the longest sun-shaft . . . "

from A Nest of Light by Theodore Roethke

And now, sleep.

Tomorrow I will wake late, 'leap to the wind' and walk this beach.


  1. Look for my foot prints, Claire, will you?

  2. ... And may you find Neptune and all the Nereids of the sea calling back to you.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful poem. Enjoy a restorative walk.