Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost there

I've just been sent these photographs. Tomorrow, at 9.00AM US time, InterfaCE will be raised into its final position on this beautiful, stone-coloured wall.

At 2.22PM, the short ceremonial launch will begin; at 2.44PM, the gathered company will observe a minute's silence in honour of Earth Day. I will set my alarm for 6.00AM and rise in time to accompany the proceedings over distance, observing my own minutes' quiet according to NZ time (6.22 - 6.44AM).

Such kindness and generosity of spirit has been brought to these proceedings by the good folk in Albany. Thank you. I am humbled, 'whelmed, grateful.

Beneath the surface, a transparent labyrinth

Charcoal drawing showing foraminiferan pseudopodia exploring the surfaces of a nano-lithographic landscape.

Happy Earth Day, Everyone.


  1. This is going to be wonderful Claire - wouldn't it be just wonderful to just see it in person one day too?! Good luck too with the opening on Saturday with Kate. We're all thinking of you and can't wait to chat when you come up for a breath. Much love.. J,L,P & T-T

  2. Dear Claire, this looks astonishing; It will be beautiful for a long time. Just remember to breathe. Love, Melissa

  3. Ohhh I love the transparent labyrinth. Did you love Alice in Wonderland as a child, Claire, or the Borrowers perhaps? Thumbelina? The world in miniature... the tiny girl.... Your work makes me see the world in an entirely different way. I wish I could see this marvellous work in person.

    I hope the launch goes well. Happy Earth Day to you too.

  4. Thank you for posting this. I've spent a good bit of time reading your earlier blog, going to the links..
    I find the research, the process, the collaboration very impressive..
    I'm glad that they're being so generous...and that you've set the clock and will celebrate in your own way...
    CONGRATULATIONS for the complex, highly layers, and wonderfully conceived of and drawn piece...

  5. Wow!

    I'm going to follow Melissa's lead and read about this.


  6. Beautiful work! The charcoal drawing is mysterious.

    Yours for Earth Day,

  7. Clair, this is entirely stunning. I wish I could go to NY and see it. I feel it though. It has great power and great delicacy. You see things as a poet sees. Thank you.