Friday, April 23, 2010


Photograph - Samuel Bowser

My tongue's a little tied today.

I want to thank you for your interest in and support for this recent work process; feeling comfortable about sharing these things is something of a challenge for me. I am by nature reserved - a fully-engaged yet reluctant exhibitor. It has been a joy and a privilege to discover that this is a space where we can grow in courage and where matters dear to our hearts can indeed be shared... It seems to me that it is precisely by expressing our truths that we are able to stand more fully alongside each other and so make sense of these 'extended moments.'

Thanks for helping me see this.


  1. You've done it, Claire. And so many people were watching over your shoulder with held breath, knowing it would be beautiful. And it is. Well done,
    dear Claire.

  2. Don't stop putting it out there, Claire. Such riches. And you make the rest of us a little braver.

  3. That's so amazing Claire - congratulations. I'm a little tongue tied too - can't find the words (adjectives are so clumsy) to convey how happy I am for you ... but I am!

  4. I think the level of commitment, exploration, research and searching (words within words), the elegant drawings, the complex solution and the collaboration represent the importance of this work.

    I know that doesn't help a shy person when it comes to showing it, but it does represent months of hard, dignified work that I'm sure is what truly nourishes you. For some people, the showing isn't nearly as important as the doing of, the process. And your process seems extremely thorough.