Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some days

Empty = full

Later: Oops. I've just received a loving email from a friend asking me if I'm alright. "Empty = Full?", she asked. "I hope nothing is wrong?" Nothing's wrong, no. To the contrary; I'm feeling full because I'm enjoying my first 'empty' day in quite some time ('empty' as in, open-to-do-with -it-what-I-will; undisturbed, delicious, expansive) so this is a happy, wholesome emptiness... I can see, though, how those two words on their own might give rise to questions or concern. (I'm sorry, M!)

My linen's out on the line, the bellbirds are singing. Sage is stretched out along the top step of the ladder-to-the-loft and the sun's been shining pretty much since dawn. A few errant raindrops fell just a moment or two ago - nature's instrument coming along to perform a brief jig on my corrugated iron roof...

I'm relishing the day's quiet. Life's been full-on lately (amongst other things, I'm finishing work for an exhibition that opens in Dunedin nine days from now...) so today's solitude has been necessary and filling.


  1. oh, what are bellbirds?
    They sound quite different from the squawking bluejays that we sometimes see....
    An open nice...
    thank you...

  2. Peace!

    I did read empty as full and good.

  3. Dear Melissa

    You would love our bellbirds... you can meet them (and listen to their singing) here -

    The open day was lovely, yes - sometimes it's just a matter of giving ourselves permission? For some reason, I am slow to do this. Silly, given how entirely good it is for us!

    Thank you... and how thrilling about your chapbook, Melissa. You were so patient with the unveiling. Congratulations. L, C x

  4. Hi Mim - ah, good!

    One of the gifts from yesterday was from the postie - "Devotion" has arrived. I'm delighted, of course. I'm going to take it with me when I travel to Christchurch the week after my exhibition opening. I know that once I start reading, I will not want to put it down. Thank you. L, C