Wednesday, April 30, 2014

TUESDAY POEM | Man Eating by Jane Kenyon

(Okay, so this is not the poem's pearl-white plastic spoon; it is, however, a spoon I love!)

                  MAN EATING

                  The man at the table across from mine
                  is eating yogurt. His eyes, following
                  the progress of the spoon, cross briefly
                  each time it nears his face. Time,

                  and the world with all its principalities,
                  might come to an end as prophesied
                  by the Apostle John, but what about
                  this man, so completely present

                  to the little carton with its cool,
                  sweet food, which has caused no animal
                  to suffer, and which he is eating
                  with a pearl-white plastic spoon.

                  Jane Kenyon

This week's editor on the Tuesday Poem hub is Sarah Jane Barnett
with The Noise
by Lee Posna

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  1. Some of the time it really is simple, just as it seems. xo

  2. That was good. Thank you, Jane.

  3. This is such a total gem.

  4. Rethabile, dbs, Susan and Marylinn - thank you for coming by. My blog is something of a Quiet Zone these days. I trust you are all well. . .