Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Poem - Let Me Say It Straight by HEIDI ROSE ROBBINS

                        LET ME SAY IT STRAIGHT

                        You can't write a poem
                        if you can't feel your heart.

                        And I would argue
                        it isn't worth reading one
                        if your heart
                        is otherwise occupied.

                        I'm not saying a thing
                        about the state of the

                        Bring it broken,
                        guarded or heavy.

                        Bring the yearning,
                        the ache,
                        the celebration.

                        But bring it.

                        It's beating under
                        after all.

                        Don't allow the escape
                        to regions north of the neck.
                        That's too easy.
                        You've seen that vista before.

                        I'm begging you to travel
                        to the fiery center,
                        not suspend above it.

                        Let me say it straight.
                        I want the heart of the matter,
                        even if it means
                        a good bushwhack
                        through guarded
                        precarious terrain.

                        Heidi Rose Robbins 2011

I had the great pleasure of meeting Heidi Rose Robbins in Mesa, Phoenix last month. Poet, esoteric astrologer, mother, group facilitator and actress-by-training, Heidi's beautifully-paced, full-hearted conference presentation revealed a no-nonsense woman of huge heart and considerable intellect. I found her and her way of being captivating - not only was she fascinating to listen to and talk with, but also to observe at work. 

Words for Heidi are not small, bite-sized shapes that emanate from the mouth alone; rather, they are elements for creative expression that may - or may not - involve her whole body. She seems to me to be one of those rare individuals who is able to be still and in motion at one and the same time.  

As regards today's poem, Heidi writes, 'Let Me Say It Straight was written one morning in Ojai, California. I'd just attempted to read a poem in an unnamed publication that was about as impossible to understand as they come. And I felt frustrated. Poetry has the capacity to blast the heart wide open and I felt like I was trying to solve a riddle whose ultimate answer wasn't going to be very satisfying anyway. 

I was simply ready to cut through everything and sing of the power of poetry. I was ready to speak to everyone who had given up on poetry because it felt elitist or removed. I wanted to sing my love of poetry from the rooftops and invite everyone to bring their whole selves to steep in the beauty of the language of the heart. And - as I write in this poem - it doesn't matter how broken we feel or how crinkled our heart is. All we need do is arrive and allow our hearts to unfurl.'

Heidi describes herself as '. . . a woman who wishes to love more fully, presently and deeply.' She has a thriving astrology practice in Los Angeles, California with clients worldwide. She also offers Radiant Life Retreats for women that combine her love of astrology, poetry and movement. Her first book of poetry - 
 - is now available. A one-hour talk on CD - with all the poetry and how it came into being - accompanies the book.

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  1. Thank you for this tribute to a wonderful woman... her open heart and lovely poetry get me every time... :)

  2. Hi Madley - welcome to Icelines and thank you for your comment.

    Seems to me 'Heidi' and 'heart' are one and the same thing. ; )

    Blessings, Claire

  3. What is true of poetry seems true of all life - is there any point in showing up without heart? With our hearts as the centers of our being, the words do not always come quickly or easily, words too long submerged take time retrieving. There is such affirmation, such comfort is having found community in which heart is the primary language. Thank you for bringing us Heidi Rose Robbins. xo

  4. Dear Marylinn - as you are pleased to meet Heidi, so Heidi will be blessed to meet you .

    Yes, a community of hearts. Recent research suggests the intelligence of the heart might be higher than that of the brain. Together they - we - are more, of course, but how intriguing to consider the heart as more than an organ pumping blood and oxygen around our bodies and as a center of wisdom and intelligence.

    Have you done any reading into Heartmath, Marylinn? Here's a link I think you will enjoy --- http://www.heartmath.org/

    Also, look out for the movie ''I AM'' by Tom Shadyac? I saw it while I in the US, so know it's 'out'. A movie about 'now.'

    Much love, Claire xo

  5. Thank you for the referrals, Claire. Following up...xo

  6. A pleasure, dear Marylinn.

    I'm a few steps behind with correspondence (again) - will be in touch via e- soon xx

  7. What a wonderful poem - and good advice, too.

  8. What a lovely poem, thank you so much for sharing it.