Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MoA update

Muses - Timothy Cahill (USA)
Digital print on archival rag paper from original scanned negative
8 x 12 inches (approx. 200 x 300MM)
Signed limited edition

UPDATE: Donations and new artworks are still coming in for the Christchurch earthquake fundMuses has been generously put forward by US photographer, writer and director of The Center for Documentary ArtsTimothy Cahill.  I have long drawn (and been drawn to) spaces uncannily like the cloister of this old Cuban church. You will recognize one such drawing in Scriptorium - A poem for Melissa Green - above. Of his Muses image, Timothy writes, 'The photograph was taken in February 2000 during intermission of a concert in the chapel of Iglesia del Espiritu Santo, the oldest church in Havana, Cuba, built in 1632. The musicians, all under age 21, had no backstage; they congregated with their instruments in one of the chapel transepts until the program resumed."

I've made a number of drawings over the years that allude to the space and figures captured in this photograph. I no longer know which came first - the church, the photograph or the drawings; one of those unfolding mysteries I am content to live with. . . 

(1) Return - charcoal & pastel on paper - CB
(2) Reunion charcoal & pastel on paper - CB
(3) After All This Time - brooch; chinagraph pencil & liquin with sterling silver - CB


  1. Instead of being surprised, we just say, of course, to see the echoes shared by Timothy Cahill's print and your work. The circle widens; we are drawn together. His donation is another fine piece.

  2. Dear Marylinn - yes! I'm curious about the way we're so easily surprised by things mysterious when by far the majority of life IS precisely that; mysterious. How much resides beyond the eye in the realm of perception, allusion and promise. We are called again and again to trust the sometimes-fast-sometimes-slow unfolding.
    Tim's donation is another fine piece, yes. Thank you for your thoughtful-as-ever response. L, C xo